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 Using Strong Passwords for your B2BFreeZone.com Account
Article 1. What do you mean by “Strong Password”?

Creating a strong password is beneficial as it is very hard for anyone to simply guess or break into it. A strong password may consist of random letters and numbers placed in a way that can counteract any educated guesses or any malicious software that can crack passwords.

Strong passwords are used because they cannot be easily guessed. Hackers often use automated tools to help them guess or crack passwords, and the easier a password is to guess, the faster a hacker can crack it.

2. Why does B2BFreeZone.com want me to use a Strong Password?

Your password is the key to your complete account information at B2BFreeZone.com, which includes your personal information, buy/sell offer details, products, Message Center etc. Using Strong Passwords not only provides protection of your B2BFreeZone.com account, it also protects your crucial personal information.

3. How can I create a Strong Password?

You can create a strong password by following these steps:

• The password length should be 6 to 12 characters
• Use a mix of uppercase & lowercase letters
• Use at least four different special characters (don't repeat the same characters)
• Don’t use your login name AT ALL in the password
• Avoid using a real word from any language

4. How can I secure my Strong Password?

It is a habit of people to write down their secret password, and tape it to the monitor or tuck it into a desk drawer next to their computer. This is to be avoided in order to secure your password. The following are a few recommendations for handling your passwords more safely:

• Keep your password secret
• Use different passwords for different web sites
• Change your passwords at least once every six months

5. In case if I don’t use a Strong Password, will I face any problems?

Using a strong password is very important, as it is easy for hackers to crack normal passwords. Once they do, they may access your private information and use your identity to damage your business & reputation at B2BFreeZone.com. They can also access important messages in your Message Center and harm your reputation with your long term customers etc.

These are just some of the repercussions of not using a strong password.

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